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We love to get to know more about you and your upcoming event. Send us a message if you have any questions or inquiry regarding our floral wall rentals. We can't wait to make your event unique and something to remember.

Lets Get Unique!


Monday - Friday 9:00am - 5:00pm

  • Where are you located?
    We are located on the south part of Atlanta near Hartsfield Atlanta Airport. We service the Atlanta Metropolitan Area and its surrounding cities.
  • What type of Events do you Service?
    Our Event Services are endless, we truly will cater to any event that you are hosting. Here are just a few to give you an idea. Weddings | Anniversary | Engagements | Bachelorette Party | Bridal Shower | Divorce Party | Baby Shower | Gender Reveals | Banquets | Corporate Party | Graduations | Workshops | Launch Party | Studio Shoots | Family Reunions | Class Reunions | Retirement Party.
  • How do we request a Custom Order Request?
    We take our Custom Order Requests very seriously, we prefer to speak with our clients in order to understand their unique ideas and wants for their flower wall. For ALL CUSTOM ORDERS please email and SUBJECT: Custom Order Request. Send us a descriptive message of your needs and wants and we will reach out to schedule a time to speak with you. Please note Custom Orders prices vary.
  • How do I Book online?
    Head to our Contact sheet and send us your information. We will then send you our Prices & Packages. If you choose to want to book with us we will then send you a Proposal which will have the Invoice and Contract Agreement. Once we have officially booked you online your date will be reserved for you.
  • Can you reserve dates without an official booking?
    No, in order to secure your date you must contact us to Book your reserved date online, which includes a Non-Refundable Deposit to secure your date.
  • What is the Set Up and Break Down Time typically?
    Our Floral Walls & PhotoBooth are easy to set up we range anywhere from 20 minutes to no more than 1 hour for set up. This is based upon easy entry and accessibility.
  • Can we rent more than one Flower Wall in a day?
    Of Course! There are no limits to how many flower walls you can rent for the timing of your event. Please note when you do book your flower wall you must request the quantity amount that you need and it is per/each.
  • Can we Add our Own Designs on the Floral Wall Rental?
    We strive to make our flower walls unique and fun so you don't have to worry about a thing. We prefer you to not add any additional decorations that are glued, painted, stapled, or installed on our flower walls. However, we do allow Balloon Garlands and Signs. If there are any damages to our products you are serviced to pay a damaging fee.
  • Do you charge a Travel Fee?
    Yes, we are currently located near the Atlanta Hartsfield Airport and we service the Atlanta Metropolitan Area. We do NOT charge a fee unless your event is more than a 50 mile radius from our location. Which we charge a 1 time Travel Fee of $75.00 which would be already included in your Invoice when reserving your date.
  • Can we Add any Additional Hours to our Rental Time, if so what is the Fee?
    Yes, of course we know that sometimes we need additional time for our events. When booking online you can click "ADD ON-TIME", this is where you can add your needed time which will be included in your invoice for booking. We will NOT ACCEPT Additional Time day of your event. We encourage you to tell us 5 - 7 days ahead of time if you do need additional time for your event, this would also be added to your total balance. We charge a additional $75.00 for every hour additional you need the Flower Wall.
  • Can we rent a Flower Wall & a PhotoBooth at the same time?
    Yes, you can rent a flower wall and photo booth for your event for the same time. The policy rule still applies you must book for both rentals. Any additional time added for your event will still be a $75.00 charge per item for every hour.
  • How far out in Advance can I book my Flower Wall?
    We encourage our clients to book no later than between 1-12 months out from their event. We will not accept any bookings over 12 months out. This is to ensure we have you locked in and on our calendar for your special day.
  • Can I rent a Flower Wall at short notice?
    We prefer at least 3 - 4 weeks notice if you have a event that is coming up soon. Last minute notice will not guarantee that we will be able to service your event. However, we do strive to meet our clients needs if availability is offered.
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